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Jaw Auto Electrical provide a number of mining companies in Western Australia with labour hire services in the auto electrical field. Our team regularly fly in to remote areas, providing auto electrical services to our clients.

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy workplace while maintaining our reputation for quality work delivered on time, even in testing mining environments. Our workforce adopt the our Workplace Health and Safety Policy to shape our present and future for success. Our team are committed to continuously improve health and safety in the workplace through effective management systems, consultation and increased health and safety awareness of management and workers.

  • Mobilise our tap-on-tap-off specialist team quickly: on-demand labour hire solutions with no locked contracts.
  • Reduce the time, cost, and labour required for planned and unplanned maintenance resulting in fleet optimization.
  • Our general practice involves fleet condition audits, and assistance with preventative maintenance plans.
  • Quality skilled labour placement will contribute to minimizing cost for spare parts and supplies by ensuring maintenance workflow occurs with transparency, accountability, and speed minimising operational hours lost.
  • Our specialised approach provides our customers with a superior alternative to many of the traditional OEM channels by combining quality, competitive pricing and responsiveness.
  • All JAWG technicians have a respectful approach to multicultural sites and locations. Our senior technicians hold extensive international experience and conduct an adaptive approach to challenges and conditions.
  • All JAWG Auto Electricians mobilise to site with extensive diagnostic equipment resulting in fast corrective repairs and minimal MTBF.
  • JAWG technicians work with our clients preventative maintenance strategies to reduce costly breakdowns and minimise operational failures. 
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